Install Backtrack 5 On Samsung Galaxy Tab

First thing after I get Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is how can I change or add some feature about penetration testing to my Tab. So after I read "How to install Backtrack5 on Motorola Xoom by Pual[.]com, I think I can install Backtrack 5 in my Tab too. That's it. I create this tutorial after I'm successful to installing Backtrack 5 on my Tab. But please do all the steps with you risk!!!!.
1. Download rooting file and transfer it to the tab.
2. Go into the recovery mode with hold "Power Button and Low Volumn Button" for rebooting and when you see the 2 icon press "Low Volumn" and press "High Volumn" or "Power Button" for go to recovery mode.
3. Choose "apply the update from sdcard" and choose "rooting file"
After this step, you're tab was rooted now.
4. Download requirement files
- P7500DXKH4_P7500OLBKH1_P7500XWKG1_HOME.tar.MD5
- 001001-P7500_KI1_Restock.zip
- 001003-Overcome_10.1_Series_v1.1.0_P7500_Full.zip
- 002001-Overcome_CWM_Recovery_v4.1.1.5.tar
- Overclock Kernel
*** you can change Overcome_10.1_Series_v1.1.0_P7500_Full.zip to another Custom ROM just like Starburt or something like that.
5. Extract
6. Go into the recovery mode with hold "Power Button and Low Volumn Button" for rebooting and when you see the 2 icon press "High Volumn" or "Power Button" for go to download mode.
7. Open Odin3_v1.85 and click PDA -> P7500OXAKI1_P7500XXKI1_P7500XXKI1_HOME.tar.MD5 -> start
The tab will restart after this step is done.
8. Copy file Overcome_10.1_Series_v1.1.0_P7500_Full.zip and boot-cm_2636.4_p4_ux-oc-xtra-vfpv3-d16_fp-091311.zip to the tab
9. Go to the download mode again.
10. In the Odin, click PDA -> Overcome_CWM_Recovery_v4.1.1.5.tar -> start
11. Go to the recovery mode
12. Go to install menu -> choose zip from internal storage with data wipe -> Overcome_10.1_Series_v1.1.0_P7500_Full.zip -> install menu -> choose zip from internal storage -> boot-cm_2636.4_p4_ux-oc-xtra-vfpv3-d16_fp-091311.zip
13. Now you're root and get the new custom ROM. So install Android SDK and download Backtrack5 ARM version.
- Android SDK
- Backtrack 5 ARM
14. Copy Backtrack into your tab or use the adb for install busybox and upload Backtrack into the tab.
Go to C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools
adb.exe shell
mkdir /sdcard/BT5
adb.exe push busybox /sdcard/
adb.exe push installbusybox.sh /sdcard
adb.exe push fsrw /sdcard/BT5/
adb.exe push mountonly /sdcard/BT5/
adb.exe push bootbt /sdcard/BT5/
adb.exe push bt5.img.gz /sdcard/BT5/
adb.exe push unionfs /sdcard/BT5/

***If you use SSHDroid to enable SSHD in your tab.[Default SSH User: root and Password: admin]
15. Go to the terminal of Tab with ConnectBot and choose local to connect in your Tab. I don't know you can use sshd to complete this step or not but you can try it for easy typing.
16. Remove the Tab from PC.
17. Go to /sdcard/BT5 and unzip bt5.img.gz
cd /sdcard/BT5
gunzip bt5.img.gz

18. Start BT5
sh bootbt

19. So now you're in the chroot of Backtrack5
net.ipv4.ip_forward = 1
ls /pentest/
backdoors databaseexploits passwords scanners stressing voip
cisco enumeration forensics pythonsniffers tunneling web

20. Run the startvnc

*** You can change resolution of vnc with nano /usr/bin/startvnc
21. Now vnc is running, you can check what is the port number that was use by vnc with
netstat -napt

21. Now you can connect vnc server with androidVNC or whatever that you can find in the Android Market.
*** Default password of vnc server is "toortoor"
22. Finally you can do anything that you can do in Backtrack5 on your Tab, have a nice hack

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