Installation of os-commerce suite

1. Install WAMP/XAMPP.
2. Download E-Commerce CMS from http://www.oscommerce.com/
3. Have a look at the features of the os-commerce suite. http://www.oscommerceindia.com/features.htm
4. It’s an open source e-commerce solution.
5. Extract the files to root of your server.
6. That is in htdocs folder in case of XAMPP or in www folder incase of WAMP.
7. open or http://localhost/phpmyadmin
8. Create a database for your e-shop website.
9. Navigate to the directory where you extracted os-commerce package. (http://localhost/oscommerce)
10. Installation of os-commerce package will start automatically.
11. Fill in all the details as instructed by web interface.
a. Name of the database you just created.
b. Name of the site.
c. Database username and password.
d. Forward as instructed.
12. At the end you will be with a custom e-shop website.
13. Login at http://localhost/oscommerce/index.php?admin
14. Fill in your admin username and password.
15. Customize the layout and settings as par your need.

Hardeep Singh

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