Local File Inclusion Exploiter
Local File Inclusion Exploiter Version 1.2 Download Free by Valentin

The Simple Local File Inclusion Exploiter helps you to exploit LFI vulnerabilities. After you found one, simply pass the URL of the affected website and the vulnerable parameter to this tool. You can also use this tool to scan a parameter of an ULR for a LFI vulnerability.

./lfi_sploiter.py –exploit-url= –vulnerable-parameter=

Usage example
./lfi_sploiter.py –exploit-url=http://www.example.com/page.php?file=main –vulnerable-parameter=file

Usage notes
- Always use http://….

- When you pass a vulnerable parameter, this tool assumes that it is really vulnerable.
- If you do not know if a parameter is vulnerable, simply pass it to this script and let the scanner have a look.
- Only use one vulnerable parameter at once.
- This tool does not work with SEO URLs, such as http://www.example.com/news-about-the-internet/.
- If you only have a SEO URL, try to find out the real URL which contents parameters.

Feature list
- Provides a random user agent for the connection.

- Checks if a connection to the target can be established.
- Tries catch most errors with error handling.
- Contains a LFI scanner (only scans one parameter at once).
- Finds out how a LFI vulnerability can be exploited (e.g. directory depth).
- Supports nullbytes!
- Exploit features: Dumps a list of interesting files to your hard disk.
- Supports common *nix targets, but no Windows systems.

Known issues
- I know there is more about LFI than it is covered in this tool. But this is the first release,

and more features will be implemented in future versions.
- This tool is only able to handle "simple" LFI vulnerabilities, but not complex ones. For example: Some LFI vulnerabilities consist of two URL parameters or require to find a way around filters. In those cases, this tool unfortunately does not work.
- Like most other LFI exploiter / scanner, this tool here also has problems with handling certain server responses. So this tool does not work with every website.

Some notes
- Tested with Python 2.6.5.

- Modify, distribute, share and copy the code in any way you like!
- Please note that this tool was created for educational purposes only.
- Do not use this tool in an illegal way. Know and respect your local laws.
- Only use this tool for legal purposes, such as pentesting your own website
- I am not responsible if you cause any damage or break the law.
- Power to teh c0ws!

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