The new Kali-Linux (BT6) comes with many advance and increasing features and one of its incredible feature is its SMS spoofing weapon. So today we will have fun with this feature and see how easily we can spoof SMS. This is an amazing and improved feature that has made many security professionals think. Anyone can easily spoof sms from various numbers and there is no chance to be caught. This feature is located in the SET (
Social Engineering toolkit
). For this go to
Applications>>Kali Linux>>Exploitation tools>>se-toolkit
Next select option 7: SMS spoofing attacks
Then select the option no 1: Perform SMS spoofing attack
After that again select option no 1: SMS Attack single phone number
Now enter the victim’s Phone-number with its country code
Now select a template or use predefined templates as shown in below image
I am selecting a fake police SMS option 19
Now it’s almost done, from here you can choose the predefined android emulator or use your the SMS accounts. Thus, either you can start a war or stop it by sending SMS from fake locations.
Don't use these tricks in unethical way. Have fun! Source

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