New search engine launched to find Hackable Servers

We all know very well that more and more users are simply choosing to save their data on servers. The advantages are many, although there may also be disadvantages. As today in this article, I will tell you people about a search engine that lets you find hackable servers very easily.

This Search Engine Lets You Find Hackable Servers Easily
Every time we use more servers to store our data. It is a very interesting option to have them always present. In addition, we avoid filling physical disks and our computer. However, not all are safe. Many have vulnerabilities and possible failures that put our data at risk. Today we will talk about BuckHacker, a search engine that helps us find if a server can be hacked easily.

Leaving private data on exposed AWS servers is not as weird as we might think. Security researchers and cybercriminals can access this data easily using the right tools. To further facilitate this process, some developers have created this tool called BuckHacker, which allows to search for exposed servers.

At the time we talked about another similar tool, called Shodan, which also allowed to know vulnerabilities in servers. It also included an option to find sensitive information on routers or IP cameras. BuckHacker is similar. Its function is to find Amazon servers that are exposed.

The anonymous developers of this tool indicate that their goal is to increase the security associated with repositories and code projects. They claim that there are many companies that were hit by having wrong permits.

This search engine allows you to search for pirated servers using the name of the file. In addition, it also returns the entries labeled “Access Denied” and “The specified deposit does not exist”.

The results are stored in a database, which can then be searched by other users. According to the developers, the project is currently in the early stages of development and is quite unstable.

In short, BuckHacker is a search engine that allows us to find possible Amazon servers exposed. However, at the moment, according to sources, there is no information about the launch of BuckHacker.

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