If you have attempted to sell advertising on your website, you have probably heard of Alexa. Alexa is a company that ranks websites based on traffic. They get their information primarily from the Alexa Toolbar, a free, downloadable browser add-on.
Advertisers often consider Alexa rank when deciding whether to advertise on a website, so it's important to your visitors are counted,so that you make more bucks off…
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Here's how to Do that

Install the Alexa widget on your website - It shows your Alexa rank to anyone who visits and ensures that each visit to your site is counted.
Encourage your site's visitors to install the Alexa Toolbar - This will ensure that every day that they visit your website, Alexa will count it and incorporate the information into your Alexa rank.Increase Alexa Rank - rahlabs.blogspot.com

Home Page Matters - Ask your visitors to make your site their browser's home page. You could even include instructions on how to do this with different browsers. Bring them back with incentives. Regularly updated and informative content is a great incentive for visitors to keep coming back for more.
Alexa Autosurfs - Try Alexa autosurf programs or link trains. These often bring substantial improvement in the short term, but not so much in the long term. They are best for new websites.
Keep in Mind

  • You want your Alexa rank numbers to go down, not up. An Alexa rank of 100,000 or lower is the most attractive to advertisers, but many are interested in advertising on sites with higher numbers as well.
  • Link trains are frowned upon by some search engines. It's up to you to decide whether increasing your Alexa rank is worth the risk.
  • If you are also interested in increasing your Google PageRank, you'll need regular links coming in as well,hence get backlinks by commenting in other people's blog or by link exchange.

Cheers and keep learning.

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