FBI's tool to unlock any iPhone disclosed
A series of hot debates about the backdoor access should be provided or not to law enforcement agencies to Apple devices started after the case of San Bernadino's locked iPhone. But anyhow agency found a way to unlock the iPhone by taking the help from an Israeli company named Cellebrite, which provides iPhone unlocking services to law enforcement agencies.

But recently name of new a device known as GrayKey, is being circulated in the market. The GrayKey claims to be able to unlock any iOS-powered devices such as iPads, iPods and iPhones. It can also copy the data inside that phone, which can be browsed over a web based portal. Grayshift is based in Atlanta, Georgia, Grayshift was founded in 2016, and is a privately-held company with fewer than 50 employees.

According to Forbes, the GrayKey iPhone unlocker device is marketed for in-house use at law enforcement offices or labs. This is drastically different from Cellebrite’s overall business model, in that it puts complete control of the process in the hands of law enforcement.

A security firm Malwarebytes have released the leaked images and working of this device. GrayKey is a 4x4x2 inch gray box, with two lightning cables sticking out of the front. It is very much easy to crack a iPhone's passcode.
GrayKey iphone unlocking device

Two iPhones can be connected at one time, and are connected for about two minutes. After that, they are disconnected from the device, but are not yet cracked. Some time later, the phones will display a black screen with the passcode, among other information. The exact length of time varies, taking about two hours in the observations of our source. It can take up to three days or longer for six-digit passcodes, according to Grayshift documents, and the time needed for longer passphrases is not mentioned. According to Grayshift, even disabled phones can be unlocked.

After the device is unlocked, the full contents of the filesystem are downloaded to the GrayKey device. From there, they can be accessed through a web-based interface on a connected computer, and downloaded for analysis. The full, unencrypted contents of the key-chain are also available for download.
FBI is using this blackbox which can unlock any iPhone in the world

The GrayKey device itself comes in two “flavors.” The first, a $15,000 option, requires Internet connectivity to work. It is strictly geofenced, meaning that once it is set up, it cannot be used on any other network.

However, there is also a $30,000 option. At this price, the device requires no Internet connection whatsoever and has no limit to the number of unlocks. It will work for as long as Apple fixes the vulnerabilities the device depends on.

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