Do you have a website in mind that is going to rock the internet world by having millions of visits per day? Then there is an urgent need to implement search engine optimization on your website. There are various tips available on the internet which can drive you crazy. SEO is such a diverse field that things keep on changing every day. The technique which has made you reach the top spot one day can back fire and put you down in search engine results.

The latest trend in the internet marketing field is to follow the leaders who have occupied the top spot for a very long time. People even forget to revise the needs and requirements of their website in the pursuit to be the number one. They never hesitate to do the copy book stuff which really shatters the chances of their website going up.

Now I am throwing a light on some evergreen techniques which will make you the undisputed champion of the Internet Marketing World.

Keyword Mystery: 
Keywords power relies not only in the search volume and competition count but how smartly we utilize them to market our business. Sometimes even the keywords with low search volume do the job for us. Let me make it simpler for you, suppose you had a successful online marketing campaign with some specific keywords. According to the human nature, we develop a mindset that if we work with the same set of keywords In the future, then we will be successful again. This is the biggest mistake one can easily make while running an online marketing campaign, as the popularity of keywords varies with time. So the moral of the story is to do detailed research of the keywords and give space to those keywords which have low search volume but are profitable for your business.

Power of Link Exchange: There is a common myth regarding link exchange that link exchange is unethical technique to shoot up the ranking of your website. This is totally a misconception because if you have inbound links for your website from relevant and high quality website then more than half of your SEO work is done. Because search engines start giving you respect if you have your links placed on some very reputable websites. The hidden truth about link exchange which webmasters generally ignore is that it indirectly promotes the business as we fall in the chain of link exchanges which helps our affiliate business.

Update your SEO inventory: SEO is a very vast field. Everyday new challenges keep on emerging in front of you and to cross these barriers you have to stay updated. Webmasters keep on doing one and the same thing again and again which they think will surely make them successful. We can make the traditional or orthodox methods of SEO more effective and fruitful by including these advanced techniques. It is advisable to learn new things but the most important thing is to experiment with them, so that they can be used effectively for the promotion of the website.

Choosing the Most Appropriate Platform: One of the major aspects of SEO on which webmasters generally get confused is, which is the most appropriate platform for a website which can shoot up the business. The most crucial thing is to make a list of all your requirements and depending upon those requirements chooses the best possible platform for your website. With the advancement of technology dynamic platforms like Wordpress, Oscomerce, business catalyst, Magento and Joomla are easily available and have replaced the traditional static platforms which were difficult to customize. So it is better to take expert opinion before choosing a platform for your website as it directly affects the performance of your website.

Performance Overview: keeping an eye on the performance of your website is very important. This will tell you about the area which needs improvement. By Regular website testing, we can lower down the website errors such as broken links, functionality errors, graphic errors, compatibility errors etc.

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