Reality Revealed by Jaswinder Kaur: How Internet Marketing Companies FAKE Their Clients

Popularity of the internet has been rising gradually with the passage of time and every person is looking for search engine for their queries. As Google is the leading the entire search engines market, everyone wants to stay at top in the Google rankings. With the growing reputation of the Google, demand of search engine marketing is also growing. People are following and hiring expert to do the Search engine marketing for their businesses, so that they can promote their business more effectively on Google.

Harmful Tactics of Search Engine Marketing

Ecommerce companies are using various sloppy tactics to fulfill the requirements of their clients. Due to lack of knowledge and impatience nature of clients, most of the SEM firms are using unethical ways to promote the business of their clients online. Inexperience is the major cause of increased spamming and unlawful marketing practices.
Some of the illicit techniques used generally are as follows.

Link Exchange: Link exchange is the most crucial part of any online marketing campaign. It improves the reputation of our website marketing campaign by getting quality and relevant inbound links. Some of Ecommerce firms are misusing this technique by placing the website link on some irrelevant websites, which are designed especially for link building purpose. These websites are called link farms as they place hundreds of links on a single page which are not even cached and indexed. Most of these links are no follow, broken and irrelevant. At the same time to do bulk link exchange companies put the link on different websites of same IP address just to show the client that there link has been placed on different websites. Theses links are useless because they are counted as a single link by the search engines.

Copied Content: Content is the backbone of a website. It is very important to put original and well optimized content on your website which can be useful for the reader. Companies fool their clients and search engines by using copied content, irrelevant or spun content which is not at all informative for a reader. It harms our website as search engines blacklist our website and don't allow our website to move up in search engines despite our efforts to shoot it's position up in search engines.

Keyword Stuffing: Keywords are the most crucial part of a website. Choosing write keywords can boost the position of your website instantly. Basically it's a balanced combination of keywords and content which is necessary for the success of a website. We have to maintain the density of keywords in the content according to search engine standards. But excessive use of highly competitive keywords in the content makes it illegal way to promote the website in a short span of time. So by boosting the ranking of keywords in the search engine company make their client happy but after some time when search engine catches these culprits they through them down.

Designing Tricks: Designing is the first impression of your website on the visitors. At the same time designing can be misused to play different tricks to increase the visibility and popularity of the website. Some of the most common tricks played by the designers are use of hidden text, cloaking, hidden links, doorway pages and improper redirects.

Misuse of Web 2.0 and Social Networking: Web2.0 websites are meant for the purpose of sharing knowledge. But today quality of these websites is declining because people are adding irrelevant and copied content to fulfill their purpose. This causes spamming and also degrades the rating of the website. Similarly social networks are designed for the purpose of sharing and promoting the information. These are some of most popular ways to increase the traffic on the website. People are making fake profiles to promote their business profiles on the social networking websites.

Search engine marketing was introduced to help people market their business and share their information. But now some webmasters are misusing this concept to get instant success. You can't fool search engines with for a long time with these techniques, so it's better to focus on building your knowledge and using ethical ways to promote the business online instead of using glittering short term un ethical tricks.

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