GitHub under DDoS Attack
It’s pretty clear that GitHub is one of the favorite targets for distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) attacks. The service is currently facing another attack wave.

“We are currently working to mitigate an incoming DDoS attack. We’ll provide additional information as it becomes available,” GitHub wrote just a few minutes ago.

The code repository hasn’t shared any additional details in the meantime and may not even do so if the attack isn’t much more serious than the regular DDOS attacks targeting it.

GitHub handles such situations so often that it has gotten so accustomed to mitigating them that access to the service is usually restored within about 20 minutes.

The service is armed with enough weapons to handle volumetric and complex attacks, so everything should be back to normal in no time.

Last week, they faced one of the biggest attacks in recent months and, as a result, GitHub started working on ways to improve its DDOS mitigating capabilities to make sure that even uncommon operations could be blocked quickly, so that users could get their service back.

On March 11, the attack was so wide that GitHub went down for 2 hours, a lot more than the regular 20 minutes that people are used to.

[UPDATE 1:] The efforts to reduce the number of legitimate users who are flagged as attack traffic continues.

[UPDATE 2:] GitHub is back to working order.

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