Algeriano a hacker from Team Cyber Criminals a group of Pakistani hackers hacked worlds leading automobile companies domains reserved for Guatemala including Toyota , Renault and Chevrolet , Attacker didn't mention any reason to deface websites.

“Hacked by Algeriano. TOYOTA & RENAULT & CHEVROLET Guatemala hacked. Cyber Criminals Was Here,” the attacker wrote on the defaced websites.

This message indicates that the hacker simply wanted to show off. The sites don’t appear to be storing any sensitive customer information. However, such an attack can still impact a company’s image.

At the time of writing, all of the websites have been restored. They appear to have been restored within 24 hours after the breach took place. Mirrors of the defacements are available on Algeriano’s zone-h.org page.
In this case, all of the three websites appear to have been developed by the same company for a car distributor. The most likely scenario is that the sites have been plagued by the same vulnerability, which the hacker easily exploited to deface them.

Hopefully, the company that manages the sites has addressed the security holes, but it’s unlikely. The Toyota Guatemala website was previously defaced back in 2009, 2011 and 2013 by various hackers.

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